class plugin_server.ServerPlugin

Bases: plugins.plugin.Plugin

Defines superclass for each application plugin.


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

static get_args(command)

Defines required global args for all plugins

punish_fitness(fitness, logger)

Punish fitness.

start(args, logger)

Runs this plugin.

start_thread(args, logger)

Calls the given run function, designed to be run in a separate process.


Terminates the given process.

wait_for_server(args, logger)

Waits for server to startup - returns when the server port is bound to by the server.

wait_for_shutdown(args, logger)

Checks for the <eid>.server_shutdown flag to shutdown this server.

write_startup_file(args, logger)

Writes a flag file to disk to signal to the evaluator it has started up


Used to invoke the server plugin from the command line.