Run by the evaluator, tries to make a GET request to a given server

class plugins.dns.client.DNSClient(args)

Bases: plugins.plugin_client.ClientPlugin

Defines the DNS client.


Initializes the DNS client.

dns_test(to_lookup, dns_server, output_dir, environment_id, logger, timeout=3, use_tcp=False)

Makes a DNS query to a given censored domain.

static get_args(command)

Defines required args for this plugin

run(args, logger, engine=None)

Try to make a forbidden DNS query.

name = 'dns'

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class plugins.dns.server.DNSServer(args, logger=None)

Bases: plugins.plugin_server.ServerPlugin

Purpose: Handle incoming DNS queries and respond with resource records defined in a zone configuration file (if exists for that domain) or respond with the answer given by a DNS resolver

Features: - Loads zone configuration files (–zones-dir) - Forwards DNS requests to a DNS resolver for domains that it does not know the answer to (–dns-resolver) - DNS forwarding can be disabled with (–no-forwarding) - Can act as the authority server for all DNS responses

Zones: - Support for A, MX, NS, TXT and CNAME - Other records may be automatically supported through the default action (no special case) - Only the first string per TXT record will be retrieved to avoid duplicated quotes

Logging: - Logs are created for each run and saved in the directory specified (–log-dir) - Logs can be disabled with (–no-log)

Python Test: tests/

__init__(args, logger=None)

Initializes the DNS Server.


Build the DNS response packet using one of the following methods: 1) Load the resource record(s) from a manually configured DNS zone file (if exists) OTHERWISE, if enabled: 2) Send a DNS query to a DNS resolver and copy the DNS resource records

build_response_packet(listener_packet, raw_socket=True)

Build the DNS response packet - If raw_socket is enabled include the Network and Transport Layer

forward_dns_query(packet: scapy.layers.inet.IP)

Forwards the DNS query to a real DNS resolver and returns the DNS response


Sets up argparse and collects arguments.

get_dns_query_info(packet: scapy.layers.inet.IP)

Extract information from the DNS query

get_resource_records(domain_name, question_name, question_type)

Gets the appropriate resource record loaded earlier from the zone file


Loads the DNS Zones in the zones directory specified (zones_dir)


Callback function for each packet received by netfilter

run(args, logger)

Starts the DNS Service


Stops this server.

name = 'dns'
netfilter_queue = 'netfilterqueue'
socket_TCP = 'socket_TCP'
socket_UDP = 'socket_UDP'

Run the DNS server

DNS Plugin driver

Overrides the default evaluator plugin handling so we can check for legit IPs for UDP tests.

class plugins.dns.plugin.DNSPluginRunner(args)

Bases: plugins.plugin.Plugin

Defines the DNS plugin runner.


Marks this plugin as enabled

check_legit_ip(ip, logger, domain='facebook')

Helper method to check if the given IP address is serving web content.

static get_args(command)

Defines required global args for this plugin

start(args, evaluator, environment, ind, logger)

Runs the plugins

name = 'dns'