class trigger.Trigger(trigger_type, trigger_field, trigger_proto, trigger_value=0, environment_id=None, gas=None)

Bases: object

__init__(trigger_type, trigger_field, trigger_proto, trigger_value=0, environment_id=None, gas=None)
  • trigger_type: the type of trigger. Only “field” (matching based on a field value) is currently supported.
  • trigger_field: the field the trigger should check in a packet to trigger on
  • trigger_proto: the protocol the trigger should look in to retrieve the trigger field
  • trigger_value: the value in the trigger_field that, upon a match, will cause the trigger to fire
  • environment_id: environment_id the current trigger is running under. Used to retrieve previously saved packets
  • gas: how many times this trigger can fire before it stops triggering. gas=None disables gas (unlimited triggers.)
  • has_wildcard: represents if the trigger will match a specific value, or any value containing trigger_value

Adds gas to this trigger, gas is an integer


Disables the use of gas.


Sets gas to 0

static get_gas()

Returns a random value for gas for this trigger.

static get_rand_trigger(environment_id, real_packet_probability)

Creates a random trigger.

is_applicable(packet, logger)

Checks if this trigger is applicable to a given packet.

mutate(environment_id, real_packet_probability=0.5)

Mutates this trigger object by picking a new protocol, field, and value.

static parse(string)

Given a string representation of a trigger, define a new Trigger represented by this string.


Sets the gas to the specified value