class trace.TraceAction(start_ttl=1, end_ttl=64, environment_id=None)

Bases: actions.action.Action

The Trace Action is used to TTL probe/traceroute a censor. When the action fires, it sends the captured packet with increasing ttls within a certain range

TraceAction is an experimental action that is never used in actual evolution

__init__(start_ttl=1, end_ttl=64, environment_id=None)

Initializes the trace action.

  • start_ttl (int) – Starting TTL to use
  • end_ttl (int) – TTL to end with
  • environment_id (str, optional) – Environment ID associated with the strategy we are a part of
parse(string, logger)

Parses a string representation for this object.

run(packet, logger)

The trace action sends the captured packet repeatedly with increasing ttl probes defined between the range of start_ttl to end_ttl. This is an experimental action, and is not used for training.

frequency = 0